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Comfort Solutions Hawaii, LLC.

Excellent Service and Outstanding Professionalism

Followed with Exceptional Performance has lead us since 2004

Our customer's satisfaction is our goal driving us each year.

Comfort Solutions Hawaii LLC. is a customer focused air-conditioning company that was originally started in 2003. A family-run, small business company located in the beautiful North Shore and downtown Honolulu, that employ’s only the best technicians that are highly trained people whose goals are to make our company the best service company in Hawaii.

Our company specializes in the design of your system engineering as a complete system utilizing the most up-to-date software programs, and then installing complete comfort systems for owners to enjoy in their new or existing homes or buildings. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest workmanship and energy efficient equipment available to you.

Each customer will be assigned a Comfort Advisor to help them with their system design, installation and maintenance. The first year of every installation will be covered by a free one-year maintenance agreement. Our Comfort Installers working under your Comfort Advisor will walk you through your installation and then our Comfort Techs will service your unit throughout the first year. Our professionalism and dedication to our customers is backed up by our written exclusive guarantee to you by us for your installation and service.


The Management and Employees of Comfort Solutions Hawaii LLC.