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Low Cost filters:
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Electronic filters
We have a variety of filters for you to choose from for your home. When your comfort advisor contacts you talk to them about any allergies or Indoor Air Quality problems you may have in your home.
Filters - what is the difference.
Ever heard the phrase - Well you get what you pay for?

Fiberglass filters - about $1 due to its cheap design they cost less. They filter very little and need to be replacement more frequently.

Flat paper - cost $2.50 better than fiberglass - as it clogs up works better.

Pleated paper - Better yet $4.00 -each pleats increase surface area. more filtering occurs.

Electrostatic - designed to be a life time filter about $30.00

Electronic Air Filter - Adjusted to air conditioning system electronically zaps the dust particles as they pass through the system. Must be cleaned and maintained by a qualified technician cost about $1,000.00.